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I am a musician - a trained singer - a stage creature, most comfortable under the lights.

I want what I make to be a smell; to craft atmosphere.


I am pursued by a need to shape and make narrative, often attracted to work that is technically rigorous–but only if that rigor is suborned to the service of story and atmosphere; virtuosity proffering complex, somatic immediacy. 


I understand the work I make as post-modern in the sense that it utilizes, without moral hierarchy and with express openness and pragmatism, any of the pertinent tactics, tools and content for making a new work available.


The attempt is always to create a work which impels the audience into it out of lack of any other relational option. This is necessary, as they are the fuel.


I operate from the position that Play is the basis of all making, and that all creation is an attempt to arrive at, or to fabricate the conditions for Joy.


Therefore comfort, safety and pleasure (most broadly understood) are paramount.

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